Qualcomm adds fitness tracking ability to Toq smartwatch in new software update

Qualcomm TOQ charger angle

Qualcomm released the Toq, its first smartwatch, just before Christmas, a device which captured headlines due to its use of the power-sipping Mirasol display. Qualcomm has now released an update to the Toq’s Android app which adds several new features, including a fitness tracking system to rival devices like the Nike FuelBand SE.

Download version 1.3.0, and the new Activity Applet will be added to the dedicated app and the watch. Qualcomm says it will monitor your movements over a 24-hour period, then award points based on your level of activity. The app logs this data, then presents all your daily point totals in an ongoing history file. A new clock style adds a real-time count of your activity points to the main screen, so sporty types should find the little device more attractive.

Qualcomm’s approach to fitness tracking sounds similar to Nike’s. FuelBand wearers set a daily goal, measured in Fuel points, which can only be met by performing some kind of physical activity.

The fitness monitor tops the list of new features in this update, but it’s also joined by another clock face called World Clock. As you can probably guess, this displays the time and weather information in the city of your choice, and wearers can save several locations, then scroll through them all on the watch. Temperature can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

Sadly, we weren’t all that impressed with the Qualcomm Toq in our review, knocking off points for its poor battery life and high price. It’s good to see Qualcomm pushing out new, and interesting features though, ensuring those who have splashed out for the device continue to see improvements.