The Digital Trends iPhone App just got a heckuva lot better

ready for that close up now Digital Trends iphone app
Digital Trends

Are you reading this on an iPhone? According to Google Analytics nearly a quarter of you are, so if it’s not you, tap the fellow to your left and read over his shoulder — I’ve got some news you’ll both find useful.

While we’re proud as hell of our beautiful website, which puts the gaudy colors and bland lists of other tech sites to shame, our iPhone app … well, let’s just say it wasn’t so good.

Introducing version 2.0 of our iPhone App (actually version 1.4, just to keep you on your toes). This refresh finally brings our app into the 21st century, with updated sections, new graphics and logos, dramatically speedier response times, and an end to all the crashes.

Beyond our deep daily news and in-depth product reviews, the app lets you watch all of Digital Trends’ videos, comment on articles, and share across a variety of social networks.

We’re not leaving out Android users, of course! A Google Play Newsstand Edition of Digital Trends should be out any minute now, letting you download articles and read on the go.

And watch for Digital Trends to pop up … well, pretty much everywhere in the near future. We’ve built apps to port our articles onto Samsung TVs — give it a whirl if you’ve got a smart TV! — and an app for LG should be ready shortly. Meanwhile, apps for Roku and Amazon Fire TV will let you watch our content on those platforms as well.

Like what you see? Write us a positive review! Hate it? Let me know why, and we’ll do what we can to fix any errors you stumble upon.