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Realme’s new ultra-premium flagship will come with 125W fast charging in 2022

Oppo showcased its 125-watt flash charge technology in July 2020, revealing that a phone with 4,000mAh of battery could be charged fully within 20 minutes. When you don’t have time to top up to 100%, 125W fast charging tech could also allow you to plug in your phone for 5 minutes and charge it to 41%. While it hasn’t seen daylight from Oppo, we might get the tech on a Realme phone soon.

The latest development comes from GSMArena, which interviewed Madhav Sheth, VP of Realme and CEO of Realme India, Europe, and Latin America. In the interview with the publication, Sheth revealed that Realme will commercialize 125W UltraDart charging next year. It didn’t reveal other details about the upcoming phone, but we can assume it will be a flagship device with top-tier innards.

The Realme GT Explorer Master Edition (top) and GT Master Edition (bottom) charging ports.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Sheth also said that Realme is planning to launch an “ultra-premium flagship” for the GT series. He didn’t divulge any additional details. Up till now, Realme has been synonymous with bang-for-buck smartphones that offer high-end features at prices that are hard to compete with in the segment. This is similar to how OnePlus started. Following its footsteps, Realme could dive into the premium smartphone market soon and start offering a more differentiated product lineup.

For a frame of reference, Chinese companies like Oppo, OnePlus, and lately, Vivo have been offering ultra-premium flagships for a while now. The OnePlus 9 Pro competes with the likes of Apple and Samsung in the flagship segment. Vivo has also been pushing the premium end with the X70 Pro Plus which boasts camera performance that can compete with the best in the market. It will be interesting to see how Realme fares against the tough competition in the ultra-premium segment.

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