Reddit user’s Galaxy S4 gets melted, so HTC offers him a free phone

reddit users galaxy s4 gets melted htc steps offer couldnt refuse one m8

Reddit user TweettheGeek experienced something that every smartphone user dreads: his Galaxy S4 was charging when it began to inexplicably overheat. After waiting 30 minutes for the handset to cool down, she discovered that the charging cable melted into the phone. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as easily as contacting Samsung to get a new Galaxy S4.

He contacted Samsung, with the South Korean company saying that it would send him a replacement unit and a box to mail in the damaged device. One month later, TweettheGeek reported back, saying that he got the mail-back box with no replacement unit. Luckily, HTC product manager Leigh Momii stepped in with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Momii offered him a free One M8, a smartphone that we would not hesitate to recommend. The offer was accompanied by one condition: when and if Samsung sends him a replacement unit, it would either be donated to a charity of his choosing or sold, with the funds going to a charity. As anyone in his position would have done, TweettheGeek accepted the terms.