This app makes it easy to split the check

Reserve, the app that aims to “serve as your personal dining concierge,” has updated its iOS and Android app with a new feature, easily allowing its users to split a check evenly. The company said in a blog post“this was the most-requested feature – both from our guests and from our restaurant partners.” 

To get started with Reserve, users need to create an account with their email address. Once in the app, users can browse through a list of curated restaurants nearby. By tapping on “Can I help you find something,” users have the ability to filter search results by cuisine, neighborhood, vibe, distance, and price. 

Once users have picked out the restaurant they want to wine and dine at, they can easily book reservations. Users just need to specify the party size, date and time window. If users are having trouble booking a reservation at the exact time they want, Reserve will suggest other available times.

Users can invite guests from their phone contact list, and they will be invited to download the Reserve app if they don’t already have it installed.  

As dinner guests accept an invitation to eat, each member of the group’s percentage of the bill will decrease. The entire check will then be divided evenly, including everything from tax, tip and Reserve’s $5 concierge fee. Users can see how much of the check they need to pay by going to “the green segment of the wheel in the “Split check screen.”

Of course, if users end up taking a client out to dinner or going on a date, they can choose to cover the whole meal. And if someone can’t make it but they accepted the payment invite, they can back out anytime before the check is closed.

At launch, Reserve was only available in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, Since then, it has launched in San Francisco and Chicago.

You can download Reserve from the App Store and Google Play Store.