RIM to release two more PlayBook tablets in 2012, BlackBerry 10 to follow in September?

research-in-motionA roadmap of Research in Motion’s plans for new hardware during 2012 has been leaked. Surprisingly, rather than concentrating on BlackBerry 10 handsets, it features not one but two new BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

Yes, it seems one tablet not selling very well isn’t enough, as information given to N4bb.com shows a new 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook will be coming in April, with a 10-inch model to follow at the end of the year in December.

Details on the features are thin, with the leak indicating the new 7-inch PlayBook would have “3G+”, which most know better as HSDPA/HSUPA or a 3.5G network connection, while the 10-inch tablet will finally get an LTE radio.

As it stands now, the PlayBook tablet only has Wi-Fi, so the addition of a 3G/LTE radio is very welcome, however one has to question whether it’ll be enough to boost sales of the device. Certainly if the 1024 x 600 screen resolution were to be bumped at the same time, it would garner more than just passing interest.

At the moment, PlayBook owners are waiting patiently for the new version of the operating system, demonstrated at CES last week, which N4bb.com’s leak agrees will be coming in February. It also predicts the release of two 2G Curves for emerging markets.

Finally, and perhaps most worryingly, the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone won’t be coming until September, a date which fits in with prior reports of a delay. Plus, like previous rumors have indicated, it does appear RIM will only be launching the new OS on the one phone.

More details on BB 10 are expected at Mobile World Congress next month, but if the release date really is as late as September, it’s unlikely we’ll get to see any hardware at the show.