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Two roommates stab each other with broken beer bottles, arguing Android vs. iPhone

iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean
It’s no secret that Android and iPhone users can be passionate about their operating system of choice, but some of these avid fans seem to have gotten a little too aggressive with their arguments. Two roommates in Tulsa, Oklahoma stabbed each other with broken beer bottles during a heated debate over which OS is better.

The two roommates started out the evening drinking and engaging in a cheerful debate over which OS — iOS or Android — is superior, but the discussion soon devolved into a violent altercation. The two men reportedly smashed their beer bottles and began stabbing one another with the resulting broken glass, reports the local news station KTUL. One of the men even broke his beer bottle on his roommate’s head.

The police were called to the scene when a woman saw one of the men staggering out of the Evergreen Apartments complex at 1 a.m., bleeding from his wounds. The injured men were both hospitalized and treated for the stab wounds they had inflicted upon each other.

The police didn’t say whether any charges will be filed. Perhaps that depends on which operating system the local district attorney prefers. Regardless, this age-old argument over OS’s — and what it led to in this case — is unlikely to be forgotten any time soon.

It’s all well and good to champion your favorite mobile OS, but we wouldn’t recommend you turn the debate into a duel to the death. It’s also unlikely that iOS and Android users will ever agree that the OS they don’t use is superior to the one they do use. Let this serve as a cautionary tale to all the fanboys out there: Don’t drink and debate OS’s — you might end up losing your roommate’s friendship and a pint of blood.

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