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Root iPad 2 case joins the wood bandwagon with walnut, bamboo finishes

While this look isn’t for everyone, it seems that the wood cases and accessories aren’t going anywhere. We’ve written about our wood-loving friends at Grove before, but these iPad 2 cases from Root are new to us, and we like what we see. Instead of conforming to the iPad 2’s curves, the Root iPad 2 Case ($79) looks more like a slim wooden portfolio book for your ‘pad. The rectangular cases have a black binding and come crafted in either a lighter bamboo wood or a dark North American walnut color. Your iPad 2 will pop right into place inside the cover, and the case will close magnetically on top of your iPad to keep everything safe and secure.

There are no pockets or frills on this case, but we like the natural look and slim portfolio design. Show up to a meeting carrying your iPad in this case and you’ll look stylish and like you didn’t just pull some boring case out of the sale bin at Best Buy. The durable woods will keep your iPad safely protected and you’ll be helping the environment, too. Root uses sustainable practices and a portion of the profits are donated to eco-conscious cause 1% for The Planet. 

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