Rovio promises to sync ‘Angry Birds’ progress across platforms

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the only games available on every platform and among the first games a user will download, but until now there has never been a way to sync your pig destruction across devices. Nobody wants to play the same level over and over again on an iPhone just to earn those three elusive stars then turn around and be forced to beat the same level on your iPad.

After a few years of industry domination, it seems Rovio has finally noticed the problem and reached a solution: Rovio Accounts. With the introduction of a login for each user, games can be synced across devices whether they be of the Apple, Microsoft, or Google variety. The service only requires a valid email address for sign up, though our guess is that Facebook login won’t be far off. Multiple users can save their games on the same device, which is a feature we’d like to see more of. It would be great if it were easier to have a shared tablet for a household or even between two people.

Unfortunately, Rovio Accounts is starting with a severely limited rollout. Only The Croods can use the service on a global scale. Angry Birds players can only use an account in Finland and Poland, while other games with Angry Birds Space or Bad Piggies have no sync functionality at all. Of course, the features won’t remain limited for long as Rovio plans to expand the accounts feature to additional games and countries as time goes on.

With any luck, Rovio will be a trailblazer for the industry in this respect. Games like Cut the Rope and Plants Vs. Zombies could also benefit from an account system. You can only feed that Om Nom so many times before it loses all meaning.

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