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Rumor: Samsung working on a new Galaxy S4 model with fancier camera


Despite not even fully completing its rollout into every market and every planned carrier, rumors are already starting to make their way around the Web suggesting that Samsung is working on an alternative version of its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4.

According to the crew over at PhoneArena, the Korean mobile manufacturer made the decision to create this varied model as a response to the increase in planned smartphones with exceptional cameras, particularly the suspected devices that are believed to be in the works by major companies like Nokia and Sony.

The Galaxy S4 sports a not-too-shabby 13 megapixel rear-facing camera. The new design – code named the SM-C1010, but likely to be officially named the Galaxy S4 Zoom – will increase the camera sensor an additional 3 megapixels, totaling 16 altogether.

The name of the phone suggests that Samsung will be fitting it with the ability to optically zoom while taking photos. But other than the beefed up camera, the rest of the phone will be pretty standard. The qHD AMOLED display will measure 4.3 inches; it will come with 8GB storage, but can support a microSD card up to 64GB; and it will come loaded with Google’s Android Jelly Bean operating system. (We hope it’s the most current one; we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be.) Unfortunately, there’s no word yet as to what processor the phone might run on, nor how much RAM it will be equipped with.

Though the rumors have just started to make their way around, it appears that the company may very well be a good deal into the production process. The phone is expected to be introduced to the market sometime this summer. We’re not sure on pricing yet, but we feel that it will probably be in roughly the same range as the standard S4 model.

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