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Rumor: White iPhone in stores by end of April

white iphone
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It’s been a long time coming, although it hasn’t actually come yet.

When we tell you that the long-awaited white iPhone will be in stores by the end of April, you may well ask, “Yeah, but April what year?”

A report from Bloomberg Businessweek says that according to three unnamed sources who are apparently familiar with Apple’s plans, the white iPhone will be lining up alongside its black counterpart by the end of this month – that’s within the next sixteen days.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless will be distributing the phones to patient customers who for the last 10 months have been hanging on and hanging on (possibly clinging on by this stage).

When Steve Jobs proudly announced the coming of the white iPhone last year, few expected to have to wait this long to see it in stores. Due to a number of manufacturing issues, which included paint peeling when the product became hot, the launch was delayed. It seems that now, however, these problems have been overcome.

With recent reports suggesting that the launch of the next-generation iPhone may be some way off, the release of a white iPhone may be enough to keep the popular product in the headlines, boosting sales at the same time.

But will the addition of merely a new color be enough for Apple to maintain the edge in an increasingly crowded smartphone market? Only time will tell.

And for anyone still doubting the coming of the white iPhone, further evidence pointing to an April launch came in the form of a tweet from Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller. The March 14 message reads: “The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).”

For those keen to get their mitts on a white iPhone, things are looking up – Phil even says which spring.

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