Check out this fake, but cool Google Nexus smartwatch concept video

Google Android watch

A 3D render concept video for a Nexus smartwatch has popped up online, shown running the familiar Android OS. The video makes a convincing case for why we might want a Google watch.

The clip shows a number of features that could work on a smartwatch, such as Google Sync for messaging, Google Now for up-to-the-second, personalized newsfeeds and stock info, and the ability to sync up with your smartphone to remotely answer calls. The device could even let you know the moment you step too far away from your smartphone and alert you to sync up! Now we’ll never have to be more than a few yards away from our phones again!

None of us are strangers to “leaked” concept videos, and this definitely isn’t real, but there’s something undeniably authentic about this one. With so much news about Google Glass as of late, there’s really no telling what new wearable device Google will dream up next.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on smartwatches recently, either. With a Windows 8 smartwatch rumored to be coming soon, along with an Apple iWatch, we might be getting used to seeing people talking to their wrists. By 2015, maybe we’ll all look like we’re trying to be CIA agents. Plus, by then, you’ll be able to watch Avengers 2 and Star Wars: Episode VII on your wrist.

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