The 8X rumored to be HTC’s first Windows Phone 8 device

HTC 8X for Windows Phone 8

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Nokia’s proven Windows Phone 8 will ship alongside some kick-ass hardware, specifically its mid-range Lumia 820 and flagship device, the 920. Not one to be outdone, rumors of HTC’s own upcoming hardware have begun to invade.

Thought to be called the HTC 8X, the new smartphone will be HTC’s first device built specifically to run the improved software behind Windows Phone 8. Way back when, HTC released the favorably reviewed HD7 and with a name like 8X, we’re expecting a spiritual sequel. However, HTC would be wise to take the 8X a little more seriously than it’s predeccessor, expecially if it plans to compete with Nokia’s pair of Lumias and Samsung’s ATIV smartphone.

For right now, we will have to settle for reports of a 4.3-inch display running on the power of a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, sporting 1GB of RAM. The 8X will have 16GB of internal storage built-in. Near-field communications (NFC) will also be a part of the device, supporting Microsoft’s plans for mobile payments in WP8. Following in the footsteps of the One X, Beats Audio technology will be bundled with the device. Hopefully the durable polycarbonate build quality of the One collection will make an appearance as well. The rear-facing camera will rock 8-megapixels and support full 1080p video recording.

Unfortunately, the rumored specs are nothing to write home about and lack the buzz factor Microsoft needs to generate right now. Nokia had it right, bundling in new technologies like PureView (even though it was faked in a video ad) and exclusive software like Nokia Maps. Please don’t take that as an offer to toss in Sense for Windows Phone, HTC. 

There have also been alternative rumors describing a trio of HTC smartphones called the Rio, Accord, and Zenith. The three phones would make up HTC’s entry-level, mid-range, and high-quality devices, respectively. Plus there have been whispers of a yet-to-be-named 5-inch phablet, similar to Samsung’s blown up Galaxy Note. This comes on the heels of reports teasing a new tablet from HTC. 

Of course this is all speculation, but the rumored devices certainly don’t seem improbably. Rather, they seem right on track when compared to the specs found in Nokia’s Lumia products. We don’t have much more than a week to wait, HTC recently announced it would reveal its new hardware on September 19 in New York at 11am. If all the rumors are true, mid-September could prove to be an epic unveiling of a killer line-up of new devices. On the other hand, it could be a huge disappointment so plenty of salt is recommended.