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Evidence points to Samsung adopting a new name for its next flagship range

It’s no big secret Samsung is planning a collection of new flagship smartphones for 2020, and as usual, the S-range looks like it’ll be the smartphone range to kick off the manufacturer’s new range. We’re expecting the usual improvements to existing hardware and the addition of new tech, but what many weren’t expecting were rumors Samsung would radically change up its naming scheme in favor of something new. Whispers Samsung is planning on ditching an “S11” label in favor of the “S20” are getting louder, and the latest rumors say we could even see a dramatic new name for the largest phone in the lineup.

According to a tweet from Harmless Karl, founder of accessory maker Schnail, accessory makers have received word Samsung is changing the name of its premium smartphone range. According to an image attached to the tweet, there will still be three phones in the S20 range, but the “e” model will be dropped. If correct, we can expect to see a Galaxy S20 with a 6.2-inch display, a Galaxy S20 Plus with a 6.7-inch display, and a new Galaxy S20 Ultra with a massive 6.9-inch display.

This tweet followed a new tweet from accomplished leaker Ice Universe which discussed the possibility of an “S20 Ultra” phone — but offered a caveat to the tweet that “Ultra” was only one of the many options being considered by Samsung for inclusion. Ice Universe has been the only notable leaker to offer the idea of a renamed S-range in 2020, with at least one other leaker rubbishing previous rumors.

It’s also worth noting a screenshot of an unattributed email shouldn’t be clinching proof by anyone’s standards, so it’s definitely not worth betting the farm on this name change yet. However, a name change would make sense, and changing to the S20 would allow Samsung’s flagship range to mimic the year it’s released — making it easy for consumers to know if they’re buying the latest phone. It would also mirror Apple’s recent naming scheme shift with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

Either way, we won’t have long to wait until we know for sure. Samsung is expected to unveil its new phones some time in February, and rumors are sure to ramp up before release. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.

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