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Samsung’s making a 6GB RAM module for smartphones

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Samsung has announced the production of a new, high-speed, high-capacity memory module for mobile devices, which could see its future Galaxy smartphones come with up to 6GB of RAM inside. The new LPDDR4 module is a first for the mobile industry, and offers other benefits beyond the expected speed increase.

In its top-spec form, the new memory module will add 6GB of RAM using four chips to a smartphone, and is up to 30-percent faster than the previous generation chip. It’s designed for use in “next generation” phones, according to Samsung, that run the very latest OS version — indicating the chip will be one part of the spec on Android Marshmallow phones.

Aside from the performance increase, the chip uses 20-percent less power than the older modules, which will probably mean battery life remains constant compared to today’s phones — due to other spec increases elsewhere — rather than us seeing an increase. Interestingly, these four-chip modules take up the same space inside a device as the current 3GB setups, so there will be no need to compromise on design. Samsung has also produced a two-chip version which delivers 3GB of RAM, that could be used in mid-range devices.

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Samsung won’t be keeping this new RAM module to itself, and other manufacturers will be able to purchase it for use in their own hardware. That’s right, Samsung won’t be the only company with 6GB of RAM inside its top-of-the-range devices. It also plans to use the new build process to make 6GB RAM modules for super-slim ultrabook laptops, and for use inside cars.

The Galaxy S6 is barely six months old, but rumors are already gathering about the Galaxy S7. Will Samsung’s next flagship phone be one of the first with 6GB of RAM? Maybe, but we’ll almost certainly have to wait until next year to find out.

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