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Samsung rips into Apple’s iPhone in latest Galaxy smartphone ad

Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up
Samsung has always taken great delight in poking fun at Apple’s loyal band of followers, but this time it’s got the changing design of the company’s iPhone firmly in its sights.

The Korean tech titan has just posted another biting ad and comes just days after Apple started selling the much-anticipated iPhone X. The ad, called Growing Up, takes the iPhone’s 10-year history as its theme, showing one guy’s (mostly frustrating) ongoing relationship with the various iterations of his Apple-made handset, and how his girlfriend’s Galaxy phone always seems to stay one step ahead.

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Featuring Chyvonne Scott’s I’m Moving On, the 60-second ad starts in 2007 with the protagonist making a call to his girlfriend on his new iPhone, asking her, “Guess what I just got?” Come 2010 and he’s run out of storage for photos on his iPhone 4, and in 2013 his girlfriend shows off her brand new Galaxy phone. He’s impressed by its large, 5.7-inch display, which at that time was considerably bigger than the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5S.

Next it’s 2016 and we witness the couple falling into a lake with their phones — he has to chuck his dripping iPhone into a bowl of rice in a bid to save it, while she happily shows off the photo she took with her water-resistant Galaxy S7. “You gotta send me that pic,” the guy says.

Jump to the present day (Samsung wisely skips the scene where the woman’s Note 7 sets fire to her home) and we see the guy looking at the iPhone 7 dongle he’s going to have to use after Apple removed the headphone jack (unless he forks out for the AirPods, of course). Meanwhile, his other half is enjoying the benefits of wireless charging, a feature that Galaxy phones have had for years but only came to the iPhone with the latest models.

At the end, the poor fella caves and buys a Note 8, sending a message to his girlfriend that reads, “Guess what I just got?”  nicely rounding off the ad.

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