Samsung and AT&T try to prove flip phones aren’t dead with the Rugby 4

samsung att try prove flip phones arent dead rugby 4
In this era of smartphones, releasing a flip phone can be seen as a very bold move. That’s exactly what Samsung will do with the Rugby 4, the follow-up to 2012’s Rugby 3 that will launch on AT&T.

Much like its predecessor, the Rugby 4 is a rugged push-to-talk flip phone. The ruggedness comes from its IP67 rating, giving the handset dust- and water-resistance, as well as by meeting the MIL-STD-810G standard for shock, vibration, temperature, low pressure, high-altitude, and other environmental conditions. The Rugby 4 is equipped with Wi-Fi, the first handset in the series to offer such connectivity, as well as a built-in compass, an enhanced speakerphone, and turn-by-turn navigation. You’ll need to subscribe to AT&T Navigator in order to take advantage of the navigation capabilities.

There are three ways you can earn the privilege to own the Rugby 4: off-contract for $270, on-contract for $100, and $1 for business customers who opt for an AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk rate plan. The handset will be available on October 10. You can see the Rugby 4 in the brief video below.

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