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Samsung aims to double its Exynos shipments ahead of Galaxy S22 launch

Samsung and AMD are joining hands to work on Samsung’s new Exynos processor, which will support RDNA2 graphics — AMD’s latest graphics architecture coming to mobile devices for the first time. The new processor is rumored to be included on the future Galaxy S22, though many of those details are still up in the air. AMD gave an overview of the features and revealed that its RDNA2 will include ray tracing and variable-rate shading, allowing it to offer higher-fidelity graphics and improved power efficiency.

The latest development comes from Korea IT News and also reveals that Samsung is aiming to increase Exynos installs to 50% to 60% in Galaxy smartphones compared to the current 20%.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks online via renders.

Galaxy S22 sales combined with other Galaxy smartphone sales numbers are forecasted to double the shipments of Samsung’s upcoming Exynos chipset (depending on the region). Reportedly, the company is “significantly” increasing the proportion of Exynos between the IM division, which is in charge of the smartphone business, and the DS division, to which the System LSI Division belongs.

Amid the deepening semiconductor shortage, Samsung plans to expand Exynos processor installs in midrange to low-end smartphones Historically, Samsung Exynos processors have been criticized for offering relatively weaker GPU performance, leading to throttling.

The AMD partnership may help Samsung better its gaming and graphics performance in the next flagship Exynos chipset, and potentially also see it power some of the upcoming Samsung laptops. It may be introduced alongside the Galaxy S22 series in early 2022. We should have a better idea in the coming months about what the S22 will boast in terms of hardware.

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