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Samsung’s Evo Plus MicroSD card can store 10 hours of 4K GoPro footage

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 review microSD
Samsung might’ve exited the photography business, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely out of the game. The South Korean tech giant announced the Samsung Evo Plus, a MicroSD card with an whopping 256GB of storage.

The upcoming MicroSD card is capable of storing more than 56,000 Galaxy S6 Edge photos (at full resolution), roughly 10 straight hours of 4K footage at 30 frames-per-second footage captured by a GoPro HERO 4 Black action cam, and roughly 23,000 songs in the MP3 format.

Powering these new cards is Samsung’s latest V-NAND and Charge Trap Flash (CTF) technology, which offers up read and write speeds of 95MB per second and 90MB per second, respectively.


Not only is the card dense in memory and fast in transfers, it’s also quite durable. The card is waterproof in up to one meter of water for thirty minutes, X-ray-proof and magnetic-proof, according to Samsung.

Forgoing the card’s speeds, it’s well-known in the world of photography to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Translated, it’s better to shoot on multiple smaller-sized memory cards than a single larger one in the event a card gets corrupted. No one told Samsung about this tidbit, but it’s clear a card of this size will have its uses.

The Evo Plus is capable of handling operating temperatures between –13°F to 185°F and non-operating temperatures of –40°F to 185°F — more than enough for almost any adventure you could put it through.

Each card comes with a 10-year limited warranty, and Samsung expects the cards to ship to over 50 countries starting in June 2016. They will retail for $250.

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