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Samsung excludes chargers from new Galaxy A series phones

The new Galaxy A-series is here, but Samsung has stopped including wall chargers with the devices and rumor has it that the M-series is next. Samsung has flipped back and forth when it comes to including chargers with its phones. The company’s higher-priced devices ditched the adapters in 2021 while its budget lines like the A and M series have continued including the wall plugs. Now that the newest models are here, however, it seems as if the company is done providing wall-charging options for free with each device sold.

The Galaxy A13 5G and the Galaxy A03s don’t include wall chargers in the box with the rest of the hardware, which is specified on their official technical spec pages on Samsung’s press website. In the fine print toward the bottom of the screen, a brief statement reading “25W Super Fast Charging charger sold separately” can be found. Since the company has stopped including wall chargers with its other phones, this move isn’t completely surprising, but it frustrates consumers who are trying to keep costs down by sticking with Samsung’s budget devices.

A series down, M Series next?

Now that the A-series has omitted wall chargers, eyes have turned to the M-series. So far, there hasn’t been any official word on if the newly announced Galaxy M23 or M33 will also not include the adapters. Their spec listings on Samsung’s press website don’t have any statement explicitly saying that customers will need to purchase a charger separately, so some fans are hopeful that the company will continue to support free adapters with the purchase of an M series phone.

However, it’s been claimed by 91mobiles reporter Yogesh Brar that, like the A-series, the M23 and M33 won’t have in-box chargers. If that’s the case, it certainly makes sense given the change to the hardware included with the purchase of a new A-series device.

This push to remove wall chargers from all Samsung devices might have some consequences for the company. As budget smartphones are in high demand, adding an additional purchase to simply charge it might cause consumers to stay away in favor of other competitively priced devices that include chargers in the box.

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