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Prepare for the Galaxy Band, Samsung’s first fitness band

Samsung S Band

The latest gossip about Samsung’s wearable technology plans concerns the possible introduction of a fitness tracking wristband, along the same lines as the Nike FuelBand SE, Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up. The rumor comes from Korean news source DDaily, and it’s speculated the device will be displayed at Mobile World Congress next year.

It’s referred to as the Galaxy Band, although this isn’t its final name, and should connect using Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet. We’ll go ahead and assume it’ll only be compatible with Android devices, but whether they’ll need to be members of Samsung’s Galaxy family isn’t clear yet.

According to the report, which quotes anonymous Samsung officials, the Galaxy Band will, “Focus on health care.” This could suggest the Band will make full use of Samsung’s S Health app, introduced with the Galaxy S4. Interestingly, around the same time as the Galaxy S4 became available, Samsung launched the product you can see above, which is called the S Band. It’s a wristband which paired with S Health to track exercise and sleep patterns. The S Band doesn’t appear on Samsung’s website anymore, and may have been put on hold. Could the Galaxy Band be an updated model, this time with a screen?

If the spec rumors are correct, it’s going to need one. The Galaxy Band is expected to feature all the usual sensors for monitoring steps and other forms of movement, plus calories, environmental data, and even GPS navigation too. Additionally, the Galaxy Gear’s voice control system may be added to the Galaxy Band.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch was seen as the beginning of Samsung’s wearable tech efforts, and the Galaxy Band may be one of several new “Gear” products coming in 2014. The company has been linked to its own Google Glass-style specs, plus a revised Galaxy Gear watch too. Mobile World Congress begins on February 24, so we can expect to see more leaks if the Galaxy Band really will be unveiled at the show.

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