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Samsung rumored to be working on a BlackBerry Hub-like app called Samsung Focus

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BlackBerry may be nearing extinction, but that doesn’t mean its software doesn’t still have an influence on other smartphone makers. A new rumor suggests that Samsung is working on a feature similar to one found in BlackBerry 10.

Samsung Focus is supposedly a new app that could debut on the Galaxy Note 6, according to Sam Mobile. It’s a productivity hub in that you’ll find your email, calendar, contacts, and memos in one place.

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If that sounds familiar, it’s because it sounds a lot like BlackBerry Hub. However, it’s not a direct copy in that BlackBerry Hub is mostly about messages, whereas Samsung Focus appears to be emphasizing on productivity apps.

The main screen will show all of your upcoming events, as well as some recent emails. You’ll be able to add calendar entries and manage invites, as well as create memos to remind yourself of particular tasks.

There will likely be a heavy emphasis on emails in that you will be able to read and respond to emails from various accounts. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if Gmail will be supported.

An updated contacts screen will show all emails, messages, and calendar invites associated with each contact in their details.

Samsung Focus will also allow you to customize your notifications by choosing what contacts get priority, but you’ll also be able to prioritize notifications based on selected keywords.

Sam Mobile has seen the app in action, and claims it follows Google’s Material Design with a “clean and modern interface,” although it could change when it finally debuts.

One has to wonder if Samsung’s idea came to be after BlackBerry introduced the Priv last year. By including BlackBerry Hub, it gave Android users a taste of what BlackBerry software is like.

Assuming Samsung does release Samsung Focus with the Galaxy Note 6, it’s unclear if it will omit the individual Email, Contacts, and Calendar apps. We’re thinking that it’s unlikely since not all users will want to see everything in one place. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that a smartphone manufacturer tried to jam their own vision down our throats, so anything is possible.

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