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Samsung Galaxy Mega prevents a bullet from entering a Taiwanese man’s chest

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 front app grid
If you bring a knife to a gunfight, don’t be surprised when you realize that you’re the loser. For Taiwanese man Han, that knife was a sickle, but if it wasn’t for his Samsung Galaxy Mega, he would have been the loser, as reported by Shanghaiist.

taiwanese-saved-by-phoneAccording to the report, Han saw a wallet on the floor, grabbed it, and jokingly said that the person who left it will “treat everyone to beers.” Unfortunately for Han, the owner, a man named Xu, returned and, after an exchange of words, went outside with Han to fight. Even though Han brought a sickle to the fight, Xu brought a modified gun.

As expected in such a volatile situation, Xu shot Han in the chest before fleeing the area. The bullet went cleanly through Han’s arm, which he raised, before hitting the Galaxy Mega that was in his chest pocket. The arm and the Galaxy Mega prevented the bullet from causing any more damage, and since the bullet reportedly didn’t hit any bones, Han should make a full recovery.

As for Xu, he gave himself up to the police. According to authorities, Xu had the intent to kill Han. Because of his modified gun being not as powerful as a normal one, however, the attempt failed.

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