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Note 10 dummies give us our best look yet at Samsung’s controversial changes

note 9 s pen
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

As sure as night follows day, so it seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will follow the release of the Galaxy S10 range. But this year’s Note is looking to be a little different. Instead of being a single model, like previous years, the Note 10 range seems likely to be split into two models: The Note 10, and the Note 10 Pro. Now, we’ve been treated to what looks like our clearest look at the two new Note flagships. The images come from user Mikke on Slashleaks, and claim to show dummy units of both the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro.

The first trio of images show the two Note 10 phones from the front and the back. It’s clear there’s a large size difference between the two phones, and noted Samsung leaker Ice Universe has claimed the larger of the two is most likely to be the Note 10 Pro. This matches previous rumors that paint the Pro model as the larger and more powerful of the two. The black-on-black of the body on the display means there’s little to see on the front of the dummies, though you can just make out the centrally-placed single selfie camera lenses. This selfie lens is rumored to reside within a small hole-punch in the display, similar to the Galaxy S10.

The rear shots show more detail. Here you’ll see the large Samsung logo on both, as well as a triple-lens camera suite on both. The suspected Pro model also has two additional lenses below the single flash unit; these could potentially be small depth-sensing sensors to help boost the Note 10 Pro’s portrait photography. Contrary to rumors it would come with capacitive buttons, the Note 10 does seem to have physical buttons. Unsurprisingly, there’s no fingerprint sensor — expect it to be an ultrasonic in-display scanner instead.

Images of either end of the phone have more shocking surprises in store for fans. The top of the dummy phones houses little more than the SIM card tray. The bottom has a lot more to chew on though. There you’ll find the S Pen, a downward-firing speaker, and the USB-C port — but missing is the headphone jack. Samsung has been one of the few manufacturers to continue to pack the jack in recent flagship phones, and the removal of it could lead to a backlash from fans.

How likely is it these dummies represent the true face of the Note 10 range? The removal of the headphone jack, the two models, and camera suite certainly match the most recent rumors and leaks, and these images have been mentioned or retweeted by notable leakers, including the aforementioned Ice Universe and Steve H.McFly. While nothing is certain until Samsung chooses to take the wraps off itself, these dummies certainly match the prevailing winds of rumor. We’ll find out for sure on August 7.

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