Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test: Is Gorilla Glass 2 as durable as you think?

Samsung Galaxy S 3 versus iPhone 4S drop test

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It’s no surprise there are some people in the world who love to break gadgets for the sake of destruction, so when it comes to the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the new Android is no exception. We’ve seen how the new iPad suffered terrible damage in SquareTrade’s last attempt at a gadget drop test, so how will the Galaxy S3 fare? Spoiler alert: if watching gadgets make concrete kisses breaks your heart, get out of the post now while you can.

SquareTrade performed three different kinds of “common” drops: from an ear level, as children’s toy, and from a top of a moving car. If someone can forget their baby on their car roof and drive off, it’s possible someone could leave their phone up there too, right?

As you can probably guess, the Galaxy S3 is not indestructible despite the powerful Gorilla Glass 2 that is supposed to be rather strong. While the three instances of drop isn’t a great test for overall durability, you can see how various angles of drop does more damage to the S3 (and the iPhone 4S, for comparison). Luckily, the S3’s plastic back is pretty scratch resistant, but that still leaves the metal sides scuffed up.

Again, because the videos are created by a gadget insurance company, it’s obvious this test aims to prove that all mobile devices need protection from all kinds of accidents, and SquareTrade wants to encourage you to buy insurance (preferably from them). Of course, intentional damage as seen in the videos are not covered.

For another video that compares the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3’s durabilities, Android Authority tested both phones by dropping them from the side, the back, and the front to see how each angle impacts the phones. Both Android Authority and SquareTrade’s videos share the fact that the back casing tends to pop off from the S3, and of course, dropping it front face down will always shatter the screen no matter what glass it’s made with. In AA’s particular experiment, however, the iPhone still seems to function after the three angles of drops while the S3 partially stopped working during the side drop when the home button disappeared. The front-facing drop sealed the deal as its screen completely shuts down.

With careful use, we’re sure readers at home won’t have an issue with destroying their phones in similar manners. But accidents do happen, so remember to put a case and a screen protector on your phone if you’re the clumsier kind. If you’re in the rush, put your phone in a sealed pocket so it won’t go flying — trust us, we’ve seen it happen.