Samsung pushes the Galaxy S3’s limits in new stress test video

When it comes to endurance challenges for new smartphones, we’ve all seen the typical drop tests and teardown videos that get into the nitty gritty of what’s inside most high-end handsets. Rather than smashing and dropping its hardware, Samsung decided to get a little more creative with its stress test in a recently released video.

The footage from Samsung delves into the durability of various aspects of its Galaxy S3 handset. These stress tests show how much pressure its buttons can take, how much weight can be placed on the device for users that like to place phones in their back pocket, and water resistance challenges. Samsung goes as far as to jam the Galaxy S3’s buttons 200,000 times to challenge its endurance.

The video isn’t in English unfortunately, but viewers don’t need to understand what the narrator is saying to get an idea of how much the Galaxy S3 can take. In addition to bashing its buttons and sitting on the device, Samsung put its flagship device through a scratch test before spraying it with a stream of water. Yes, that’s right – full streams of fluid, we’re not just talking about tiny raindrops here.

After each test, the phone appeared to hold up just fine. The buttons and the body were in tact, the touch screen was functional, and there was no visible physical damage. This certainly beats the boring run of the mill drop tests we’ve seen thus far, but who knows what other manufacturers are doing behind closed doors.

Although new videos of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 are still hitting the Web months after its release, the Korea-based company may have already started crafting its successor. Rumors have circulated the Internet about a Galaxy S4 possibly in production, and it will certainly be interesting to see how durable the next-generation of Samsung’s flagship device will be. With talks of flexible displays and eight-core processors in the works for the electronics firm, we’re likely to see another powerhouse in the future.

Check out the video below to see Samsung’s impressively thorough stress test.