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Samsung silly season continues, as the Galaxy S4 gets a rumored March 15 launch

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-flJust as it was this time last year, rumors of the next Samsung Galaxy S smartphone’s impending arrival are flying, with the latest speculation centered on the date of the Galaxy S4’s announcement and release. Gossip over at the SamMobile blog suggests we’re going to get an Unpacked event on March 15, after which the S4 will go on sale in April. Like the S3, stores in Europe will be the first to sell the Galaxy S4, while the U.S. may have to be patient until May or June.

As with absolutely everything related to the Galaxy S4 we’ve heard so far, this all comes from an anonymous insider, so it cannot be treated as anything other than rumor. As we all know though, rumors can sometimes become fact, so what’s the likelihood of this one doing so? Well, a March 15 event would be a couple of months earlier than the Galaxy S3’s one-year anniversary, and would come barely two weeks after Mobile World Congress closes its doors. Maybe, but we still think Samsung will let the dust settle and the level of anticipation rise until May.

This isn’t the first time an April release date for the Galaxy S4 has been discussed either, as at the end of last month, a source predicted the phone would be out during the sixteenth week of the year – which is mid-April.

Full HD screens about to enter production

There’s more evidence the Galaxy S4 is headed our way soon, and that when it does get here it will have a 5-inch 1080p screen, as Korean news source DDaily has a report stating said screens are scheduled to go into mass production before the end of February. It later indicates the next version of the Galaxy Note will also feature a 1080p resolution screen measuring 5.5-inches.

All this joins the talk of the Galaxy S4 using Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa eight-core processor, a button-less design similar to the Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Premier and a 13-megapixel camera. There’s even talk of the phone not being named the S4 at all.

If there really is going to be an Unpacked event in mid-March, invitations should start to arrive at the end of February, which would certainly take some of the attention away from Mobile World Congress. As the rumors continue to gather, will Samsung feel the need to tell us all to calm down, just as it has done before? Or, if it stays silent, should we take it the talk is close to the truth?

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