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This is how Samsung’s trying to sell the Galaxy S6 on Apple Watch launch day

James Corden and his alter ego Wilf launch Samsung Galaxy S6
You’d be forgiven for forgetting April 10 is Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge launch day, thanks to all the hype and excitement over the Apple Watch. Samsung’s doing it best to shout loudly over all the noise, and ensure those who aren’t interested in the new wearable will pop out and grab an S6 instead.

How’s it doing this? Samsung has released a brand-new advert to promote the phone featuring James Corden. Who, you may ask? Corden is one of the former stars of hit U.K. sitcom Gavin & Stacy, but is now best known as the new host of the Late Late Show. What better introduction to unfamiliar U.S. audiences than in a cliched, cringe-making commercial for a new smartphone.

Corden plays two roles in the ad. Suited, beardy presenter Corden, and a more bearded, campy, and irritating luvvie Corden known as Wilf, who is in charge of directing the commercial. Yes, it’s rather hard to tell which Corden is the one we’re supposed to identify with and enjoy watching, seeing as they’re both, well, annoying versions of James Corden.

Corden the presenter wants to promote the Galaxy S6’s good points — great battery, a cool design, fast camera, and wireless charging — but director Corden is more concerned with making “art.” Yawn, and in the spirit of the commercial itself, double yawn. We’d rather see the dual curved screen of the S6 Edge in more detail than all this dual Corden nonsense. Samsung should be very thankful the Galaxy S6 is way better than this ad.

Elsewhere, Samsung’s doing a few more interesting things to get S6 fans out and about. In the U.K. it has hidden eight Galaxy S6 phones in eight different cities, and is giving clues to their whereabouts through its Samsung Mobile U.K. Twitter account. Phones in Glasgow and Edinburgh have already been claimed, and another six will be discovered and claimed before the end of the day. It’s even live streaming the proceedings on a dedicated website.

It’s a fun, engaging, and involving scheme, and considerably more interesting than the Corden video. Best of all, seeing as there’s no point in queueing for the Apple Watch today, Samsung’s giving U.K. mobile geeks a reason to leave the house.

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