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The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra looks like one of 2023’s most exciting tablets

Render of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

Android tablet fans, buckle up. We’ve finally gotten our first look at the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra via a handful of leaked renders, and it looks like it might be a worthy successor to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

First shared in one of MySmartPrice’s frequent collaborations with OnLeaks, the design of the Tab S9 Ultra is following in the footsteps of its predecessor with an absolutely massive screen.

We’ve heard rumors over the past few months that the Tab S9 Ultra’s display would be as big as the one found on the Tab S8 Ultra, but seeing the 14.6-inch screen in a render really puts it into perspective. Fans of the Tab S8 Ultra will be happy to see that the design of the S9 Ultra is largely the same, with the only major difference in the leaked renders being the design of the rear cameras. The lenses on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra look to be raised and a little bit larger, and they aren’t connected to the black bar that runs across the back of the tablet. Other than that, however, it seems to be mostly the same.

Although they may look similar, the leaked specs we’ve heard about for the Tab S9 Ultra will likely make it a major upgrade from the S8 Ultra. There are plenty of small optimizations that will help the S9 Ultra run better — such as its 16GB RAM — but the main difference will be the Tab S9 Ultra’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. None of this is officially confirmed, but the upgrades do seem to be in line with what Samsung has been doing over the last year.

If the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is as good as it seems to be in the leaks and rumors, then Samsung may be getting ready to launch its best year of tablets that we’ve seen in quite some time.

In addition to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, we’ve seen recent leaked renders of the Tab S9 Plus, which also is shaping up to be an excellent addition to the tablet market. Samsung has had its ups and downs with tablets in the past, but the Galaxy Tab S9 line looks like it might start giving the iPad a run for its money.

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