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Samsung’s smart new Gear S3 watch bands mean you’re no longer strapped for choice

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Samsung’s new Gear S3 smartwatch is a beauty (particularly the Frontier model), but what if you’d prefer a different strap to the one which comes with it? Sure, there are straps made by other companies, but if you’d prefer one endorsed by Samsung you’ll want to look at these cool new sets from SLG Design and Strap Studios.

Both have teamed up with Samsung to produce official strap collections for the Gear S3, and are equipped with quick-release, spring-loaded bars to make them easy to swap, without the need for tools, or any worry about losing little parts in the process.

The Strap Studio has 15 straps in its range for the Gear S3, and they’re suitable for both the Frontier and the Classic models. Made from hand-sewn Italian leather, with a choice of colors for the stainless steel buckle, they measure 22mm wide and are a unisex length. Colors vary from blacks, browns, and navy to lighter grey, pink, and creamy beige. Those with stitches cost $40, and those without are $30, with free shipping internationally.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If the classic leather look isn’t what you’re looking for, SLG Design’s range is more modern, but also more expensive. Like The Strap Studio, its bands are made from Italian leather, but it offers several with a carbon fiber pattern, which looks very cool indeed. You’ll have to splash out though, as each costs $110. If that’s a little too much, SLG Design’s canvas NATO-style strap is $50, and the more traditional leather version is $70. Colors edge towards the darker end of the spectrum, with blues, greens, browns, and blacks.

Samsung will also sell the straps through its own online store in Korea, and a selection of retail stores in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Mexico. For everyone else, head over to the respective online store to choose your favorite.

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