Samsung intros new mobile phones in Germany

The company has high hopes for the SGH-E700. This unique folder model has a camera mounted on the front and an internal antenna. The external LCD can be used as the viewfinder, allowing picture-taking without having to open the phone.

Moreover, various stored image templates can be used to decorate the snapshots. With the Night Mode, the SGH-E700 can take clear, sharp images in the dark.

The sophisticated design targets high-income buyers in their 20s and 30s. The SGH-E700 is available in indigo blue, metallic silver, deep gray, Beaujolais red, ice white or pearl white.

The SGH-X600, being launched with the SGH-E700, is SAMSUNG’s first bar-type camera phone. A miniature flash is built around the lens, making picture taking easy in dark places or at night.

It boasts a slim design that weighs just 80 grams. It comes in either blue or silver.

Completing Samsung’s new ensemble, the bar-type SGH-X100 sports a diminutive curved design. A thin silver body wraps around the pearl blue front, earning the phone the nickname “pearl.”

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