Samsung intros new multimedia cards

The MMC line supports high storage capacity and rapid transmission of still photos and moving pictures, which are now essential features of top-end 2.5G and 3G mobile phones. The 128MB card stores2,500 still photographs, 32 MP3 music files or 20 video minutes.

“Samsung’s strength in flash memory technology has enabled the company to offer a full range of MMC products in a variety of densities that meet the industry’s needs today,” said Tom Quinn, vice president of U.S. memory sales and marketing. “Major mobile phone manufacturers can design more compact phones with memory card slots rather than building in memory chips.”

The MMC line is available in densities of 16Megabyte(MB), 32MB, 64MB and 128MB in both regular and reduced size versions. 256MB and 512MB will be introduced in third quarter this year. The coin-sized reduced size-multimedia card (RS-MMC) has a form factor of 2.4cm by 1.8cm, approximately half the size of a standard MMC and the smallest card form factor among all memory cards. The use of an extender makes the RS-MMC backward compatible with existing digital camera and PDA models.

Samsung’s multimedia cards include a NAND flash memory component and a controller, and the memory capacity is determined by the density of the built-in NAND flash memory for which Samsung has strong market leadership.

Samsung’s MMCs operate on 3.3 volts and can read or write data at an industry-leading 1.3MB per second. Moving picture streams of VGA quality (a million -pixels) can be stored in real time. Samsung’s MMC line-up will be further enhanced by energy-thrifty dual 1.8V/3.3V MMC, and High-Speed MMC to be available later this year. High-Speed MMC specification has been introduced lately by MMC association and boasts burst data rate of 52MB per second, the fastest of Flash cards.

Last September, Samsung Electronics became the world’s first manufacturer to apply the 90-nanometer design rule to develop a 2-gigabit NAND flash memory chip and the company will apply its cutting-edge technology to memory cards as well for ultra-high capacity such as 1GB.Samsung’s enhanced multimedia card line up will be responsive to the increasing demand as the company expects the global MMC and RS-MMC market to reach $200 million in 2003 and jump to $500 million in 2004.