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Samsung rumored to be considering a metal chassis for the Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 2Check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet.

Samsung could decide to ditch the use of polycarbonate to construct the shell of the inevitable Galaxy Note 3, should the latest rumor be believed. It won’t only be Samsung fans who’ll be pleased to hear a metal body could encase the device, but HTC too, as apparently, Samsung has made this decision due to the success of the HTC One. It has been a while since HTC had other companies on the run, so it should enjoy this while it can, as if Samsung does adopt premium materials for its premium hardware, it may be short lived.

It’s understandable if Samsung is taking a close look at the HTC One, as anyone who has fondled HTC’s new range-topper will admit the aluminum frame feels good in their hands. The same is rarely said about the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2, both of which use a polycarbonate shell, which some consider to look and feel a bit cheap.

The source of the rumor is SamMobile, where a company insider told the site there is a growing concern over the design and build quality of its products. It’s also noted that not only is Samsung ready to make a change in the materials used in the Note 3’s construction, but also in its design, as it apparently won’t resemble the Galaxy S4. This doesn’t sound all that likely, as the Galaxy S3 influenced the design of almost every subsequent Galaxy device – from phones to tablets – following its release. As brand image is important, it makes sense for its two flagship smartphones to share a common theme this time around too.

Going back to the metal Note 3, SamMobile’s source doesn’t say which metal will be selected, although aluminum is certainly the most in vogue at the moment. A prototype Galaxy S4 is said to have been produced with a metal frame, but was abandoned due to time constraints. We’re not expecting to see the Galaxy Note 3 until after the summer, with September being a possibility, suggesting Samsung may have enough time to put it into production this time, should it choose to do so.

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