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New leak shows off Samsung’s One UI 2.0 — and it’s built on Android 10

Android 10 is on the way, and is expected to be released to the public in the near future. Samsung traditionally hasn’t been known for adopting new Android versions right away — but it looks like that could change with Android 10. Why? A new leak shows off Samsung’s One UI 2.0, and it’s built on Android 10.

Notably, the leak shows off the use of Android 10‘s new gesture-based navigation system — essentially meaning that Samsung has done away with the traditional navigation buttons, which it has held on to so far. This is good news for Google too — as it ensures some consistency between how users control different Android devices.

It’s important to note that it seems like the software allows users to choose between the gesture-based system or the classic navigation buttons — so you won’t necessarily have to make the switch if you don’t want to.

Another major change to One UI comes in the form of a new Quick Settings menu, which has been expanded to take up the whole screen. With full-screen quick settings, there are a ton of settings available — which not everyone may need. Still, it will be handy for power users who like to quickly access features in the Quick Settings menu.

Considering this beta version of the One UI software is running on the Galaxy Note 10, there are some Note 10-specific features that are showing up too. Notably, in the Quick Settings menu, there is a new Link to Windows option, which is one of the features that Samsung and Windows collaborated on for the Note 10. There’s also a new screen recorder feature, which is a nice touch.

Of course, it’s not yet known exactly when the new One UI might launch. Android 10 hasn’t even launched to the public yet, and while Samsung may want to be quick to adopt the new software, it’s doubtful that the new One UI 2.0 will launch at the same time. Instead, Samsung may launch a new developer program for One UI 2.0, and that will likely be at the next Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco in August.

You can check out the video showing off the new One UI 2.0 for yourself below. The video is in Portuguese.


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