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Samsung brings S22 features to older phones with One UI 4.1

Following off an announcement that it would be bringing camera features from the Samsung Galaxy S22 to older phones, Samsung today shared that other features from the S22 would trickle down to earlier models. Aside from the obvious inclusion of the S21, Note 20, Z Flip 3, and Z Fold 3, Samsung also promised to bring the update to A-Series phones and Tab S devices.

The new update will add a selection of camera features, including an object eraser, support for Expert RAW, Snapchat integration, and a lot more. Not all the phones getting One UI 4.1 will get all the camera features, though. In essence, the newer and more powerful your device, the more you’ll get out of this camera-wise.

Samsung is also rolling out Google Duo live sharing, a feature that lets you screen share with your colleagues and friends over Google Duo for work and play — though it’s currently limited to Google Arts & Culture, Google Maps, Jamboard, Samsung Notes, Samsung Gallery, and YouTube. Enhanced photo sharing via Quick Share improves Samsung’s take on AirDrop between Galaxy devices. Finally, Samsung’s keyboard is getting a boost from the folks over at Grammarly to strip away typos and improve the clarity in your writing. A 90-day Grammarly Premium trial for eligible users is also available with this release.

Samsung is rolling out the One UI 4.1 update first to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3, with the S21 Series, unspecified A-series models, and the Galaxy Tab S7 FE also on the list. In the future, older supported phones, including the the S10 and above,will get the update when it becomes available.

It’s worth noting that the One UI 4.1 update does not include support for Google’s Android 12L release, which began rolling out last week to Pixel phones including the Pixel 3a and above. The company has promised to bring it to Tab S devices, including the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S8-series.

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