Samsung’s old app store is dead, replaced by the new Galaxy Apps store

Galaxy S4 Mini Black Edition Rear Top

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, then the familiar Samsung App Store is about to get a complete makeover. A software update expected very soon will rebrand the store Galaxy Apps, and bring with it a totally new look. The new branding will appear on your device and online, where it’s already live in several countries.

Quietly announced several weeks ago, it’s only now Samsung is pushing the update out to its devices, so what can you expect when it arrives? The name change will be the first obvious alteration. While the Samsung name is still there, it’s the Galaxy branding which takes center stage, which could be a move to separate it from Tizen’s inevitable application store. Samsung is also keen to make its Galaxy brand ubiquitous with Android, and this is another step towards doing so.

Galaxy Apps Store ScreenA visit to the store reveals a cleaner, more modern design, and in screenshots published by SamMobile, the style shares similarities with Google Play and the forthcoming version of the Android OS teased in Android L. In addition to the new look, there are several Galaxy-specific sections through which to browse.

The Galaxy Essentials section contains Samsung’s must-have apps for its devices, while inside Galaxy Specials, you’ll find apps which work well with standout Galaxy features. For example, those which are compatible with the S Pen stylus, or Samsung’s multi-window mode. Apps for Professionals works in a similar way, but breaks its section down into easy-to-browse categories, such as medical, business and education. Finally, there’s Galaxy Gifts, which contains the free premium apps Samsung offers with the Galaxy S5 and other devices in its range.

According to reports, the update containing the new store will be sent out today, so it’ll be worth keeping a watch for it on your phone or tablet. If you want to take a look now, the new store is already visible online.