Samsung teaser promises something new and innovative at CES 2013

Samsung CES 2013 teaserWith only a few weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 gets underway, the teaser videos from manufacturers plugging their latest creations are about to begin. It’s Samsung who is first on the scene with a short video entitled Get Ready, which contains almost no information whatsoever.

The video runs for a mere 18-seconds, and features an overly dramatic soundtrack mixed with a few words chosen from the Big Book of Marketing Terms someone happened to have lying around. After being told The World Awaits, we’re bombarded by old favorites such as Ideas, Innovation, Wonder, and The Future, before finally we’re told to expect Something New between January 8 and 11 next year.

Did you notice the flicker over the dates at the end of the video? Think it contains a secret message about what’s to come? It doesn’t, sorry, as on closer examination it’s a quick fire series of images showing the Las Vegas skyline. If you’re wondering why, it’s because that’s where CES 2013 is going to be held.

New tablets, smartphones, and brand identity possible at CES

This leaves it down to us to speculate on what Samsung is so excited about. Of course, minds instantly jump to the next flagship phone, the Galaxy S4; but Samsung is almost certainly going to wait until mid-2013 for this one. It held a separate and incredibly successful launch event for the S3 in May, so a return to a show launch for its sequel is highly unlikely.

The Galaxy Note 2 has only just been upgraded, so it won’t be the Note 3, leaving us with the exciting prospect of something new. We’ve already seen rumors regarding a 1080p screen from Samsung, and with the recent launch of the Droid DNA/HTC J Butterfly, we suspect Samsung isn’t keen to get left too far behind in this burgeoning niche. Flexible screens have also been discussed recently, so a device using this new technology is a possibility too.

However, Samsung may not be thinking smartphones at all, and the fuss could be about tablets. Its Galaxy range hasn’t seen much movement recently, and a rumor has mentioned a new 7-inch and a larger 13-inch tablet are in development at the Korean firm. The latter of which will have a keyboard dock and will be aimed at Asus’ Transformer line of convertible tablets. These rumors have also pointed to a budget Galaxy Note device too, which will ditch the S-Pen stylus and stick with a 5-inch display to keep the price as competitive as possible.

Knowing Samsung, we can expect another video providing just that little bit more information before the show, where it’s also expected the company will reveal an overhaul of its branding.