The world loves the Galaxy S4, as Samsung prepares to break 10 million sales this week

Samsung_Galaxy_S4_2510177kThe Galaxy S4 is well on its way to beating Samsung’s sales records, as according to CEO JK Shin, it’ll reach the 10 million mark very soon, despite having been on sale for less than a month. Speaking at a conference in Seoul, South Korea, Shin told reporters, “We are confident that we will pass more than 10 million sales of the S4 next week,” before adding, “It is selling much faster than the Galaxy S3.

By comparison, it took the Galaxy S3 an already impressive two months to reach 10 million sales, and the Galaxy S2 took nearly five months to do the same. The news of the S4’s record-breaking sales comes just days after research showed Samsung was already gobbling up 95 percent of the global profits from Android.

Not that the S4’s popularity will come as a surprise to Samsung, as at the beginning of the year, a report showed it had ordered enough components to build 10 million Galaxy S4 phones per month. A coincidence? Perhaps, but fortuitous none the less.

In an effort to maintain momentum, we’re expecting a raft of spin-off devices, ranging from the camera-centric Zoom, and a sequel to the Galaxy S3 Mini, to a rugged tough-phone; all of which will try to capitalize on the S4’s good name. Additionally, Google announced a vanilla version of the Galaxy S4 during Google I/O, which does away with the TouchWiz interface to reveal an untouched edition of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

In January, Samsung sent out a press release letting everyone know its Galaxy S range of smartphones had surpassed 100 million total global sales. That figure was reached over a period of two years, seven months; but if the Galaxy S4 carries on performing this well, and the Galaxy Note 3 is as exciting as we hope, the next 100 million can’t be far away.

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