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Samsung rumored to add ultra-strong diamond metal coating to future smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 back angle

One of the standout features found on the recently announced LG G Flex smartphone is the self-healing rear cover, which absorbs small scratches to keep the device looking factory fresh. A report published by ETNews in Korea now suggests Samsung is also looking at making its phones more durable, but instead of dealing with scratches after the fact, it wants to avoid them in the first place.

In amongst a roundup of the features which may find their way onto the Galaxy S5, it’s said the company is experimenting with a “Diamond metal surface treatment” for its smartphones. This coating would be applied to the rear cover, greatly improving its chances of resisting any nasty scratches.

Apparently, Samsung uses heat blasted carbon to create its coating, which sounds similar to the way synthetic diamonds are produced, and the resulting material comes in powder form. To ensure the coating looks smooth and natural once it’s on the phone, Samsung uses nano materials to turn the powder into a paint.

If Samsung is working on a diamond metal coating, then it adds weight to the firm’s continually rumored shift away from polycarbonate as its material of choice, and on to metal. Why? According to Surface Technology Inc, a firm which already produces composite diamond coatings, it primarily bonds to metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. All of which are candidates for making smartphone bodies.

The firm’s website reveals a little more about the benefits of a composite diamond coating, saying it offers, “Exceptional wear resistance and hardness,” while also resisting corrosion. While we can’t be sure if this is the same process being explored by Samsung, it at least provides an idea of why it could be an area of interest. It’s also unclear whether Samsung will have this tech ready for its first wave of metal-bodied phones, or if it’s still in the early developmental stages.

Samsung is expected to introduce a device with a metal body early next year, with the Galaxy S5 and the mysterious Galaxy F both being tipped as candidates. The most recent rumors indicate the phone will launch around February or March next year.

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