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Rumor: Samsung targets quartet release with the Galaxy S7

samsung rumored to release one flagship phone annually public hand display
Ivan Garcia Aguirre/
Samsung is expected to release its next flagship model within a couple of months, most likely during the Mobile World Congress 2016 in February. It’s become akin to a regular ceremony — they invite, we go, they present, and everybody cheers. Then we wait for another six months before getting all excited again. But things might go a little bit different this year if rumors from Evan Blass, of the twitter account Evleaks, are to be believed.

The rumor suggests we’ll be seeing the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, and the Galaxy S7 Plus. Where did the Note go? And why no mention of the Galaxy S7 Active? If these names have a foundation in fact, it would stand to argue that the Galaxy S7 Plus is the new Note. Whether this suggests a simple name change or a reference to altered functionality is anyone’s guess, and we don’t want to get any more into undisclosed territory. As for the missing Active, Samsung hasn’t been well-known for making a big deal out of the Active models.

Previously known model numbers include the SM-G930 and SM-G935, which according to chronological order of the yearly announcement schedule, would be the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. But if the two other models are introduced at the same time, it would be breaking its continued pattern of two flagships per year. While it may seem a rash move it’s also shared by two other players in the market; both Sony and Apple have policies for one flagship per year. Sony itself said that it’s targeting the second half of 2016 for future releases in an interview this September.

If the sales don’t make up for a two-portioned release, or if the demand for a brand is sated by too many releases, there could be reason to return to only one product a year. But this is just a theory based on the reasoning around reverting to one flagship per year. With that in mind, please take this rumor with a healthy dose of salt. Keep the skeptic in you alive.

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