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Samsung’s brilliant Single Take camera mode is coming to Galaxy S10 and Note 10

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 are getting one of the camera features we loved the most from the new Galaxy S20 — Single Take mode. This clever feature makes sure you never miss a special moment while choosing which camera feature to use to capture it best. Instead of fumbling, you shoot a video, and the software creates a selection of stills, animations, clips, and filtered shots instantly for you, without any prompting. You get all the shots you could want, without any of the effort. It’s useful, simple, and fun.

Single Take will arrive on the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, Galaxy Note 10, and Note 10 Plus phones in a software update starting in March. That means you should be seeing it very soon, although when it arrives can be affected by your location, carrier, and other factors beyond Samsung’s control. Often, these updates are also staggered, so just have patience.

The fun Single Take mode is only part of the new software package on its way from Samsung. Night Mode will be improved on the Galaxy S10, and Night Hyperlapse mode will be added to the S10 and the Note 10 series, along with Samsung’s Custom Filter feature. With this, you create your own filter using an existing photo, where the software assesses the tone, colors, and ambiance and then applies the new look to another image. These can be saved and reused .

Pro Video mode and more

Samsung’s Pro Video mode, which gives you much more control over video recordings, will also be part of the update. For example, you can switch between front and rear cameras while still shooting, and then, for greater control over the end result, you can adjust the ISO, exposure, and shutter speed too. In the Gallery app, Samsung’s Clean View feature stacks similar shots up to make browsing easier, and an intelligent crop tool takes the effort out of tailoring the final photo to your liking.

There are a couple of features not related to the camera. The first is Music Share, which lets friends connect to a Bluetooth device and play music without you needing to disconnect beforehand. The final new feature in the update is Quick Share, which operates a little like Apple’s AirDrop by rapidly sharing files with another phone.

If Single Take has arrived on your S10 or Note 10, we’ve got a complete guide on how to get the most from it, while the Custom Feature mode is detailed more in our guide to the Galaxy S20 Ultra Unfortunately for Samsung Galaxy Fold owners, there’s no indication when or if the same update will arrive on their phones.

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