Samsung grabs its trumpet as Galaxy Note 2 smashes 5 million sales worldwide

Galaxy Note 2 5 millionNot a month has passed since Samsung last got its sales trumpet out, but this morning it has practiced its embouchure for a second time during November and like before, it’s celebrating another Galaxy Note 2 sales record.

A short post on Samsung’s Korean website has confirmed the Galaxy Note 2 has racked up five million sales since its release in September, beating the original Galaxy Note to the figure by three months.

The news follows analysts voicing their expectations for the company during the final three months of the year, with UBS number-crunchers suggesting it’s on its way to reaching sales of 61.5 million Galaxy devices before the calendar flips to 2013. It also expects Samsung to add another two million Galaxy Note 2 sales to its tally, bringing the total to seven million.

Samsung has sold 30 million Galaxy S3 smartphones, its other Android big-hitter, with 20 million shifted in the first 100 days. The popular phone has subsequently been named as the world’s most popular smartphone, after passing the Apple iPhone 4S over the summer.

Last time out, we questioned when the Galaxy Note 2 would receive some meaningful competition, and the fact it has sold another two million in-between then and now only emphasizes how little choice there is in this expanding mobile industry niche. In the U.S., the Note 2 may not hog all the 5-inch-plus device sales from now on though, as Verizon and HTC have released the Droid DNA.

The Droid DNA’s 5-inch 1080p screen is the first of its kind to go on sale in the U.S., and despite perhaps unwarranted concerns over the battery performance, the exciting new phone could soon start to take some of the attention away from the Note 2. Sadly, its chance to do the same internationally has taken a hit this week, and for it to slow the Note 2’s stampede it’s going to need a wider release.

We can expect another rousing blast from Samsung’s trumpet sometime before the end of the year, depending on which milestone it chooses to share next.