Samsung Shows Off Its Galaxy Tablet

samsung shows off its galaxy tablet 500x tab

Earlier today, the South African branch of Samsung confirmed the release of the Galaxy tablet in three different sizes, all three of which will be due out this year.

Rumors originally began to circulate when the Korea Herald posted a story that cited an industry source claiming that Samsung was planning on releasing its Galaxy tablet in August, which would give it a head start over the iPad, which Apple has claimed will ship sometime in the third quarter.

The Korea paper reports that the Galaxy will ship in August with a 7-inch model, followed by an 8-inch model in October, and finally a 10-inch version in December. All three version will likely feature the same internal hardware, including the Android operating system.

Following the South Korean article, the South African branch of Samsung released the picture above on Twitter and said that more would follow. One Twitter user asked for more details, and the Samsung branch responded that it would have “a high-res TFT screen. At the top-end it has a 3.5mm jack”.

Other than that, the picture suggests that it will be 3G (the Android 3G icon is pictured), but interestingly, it shows a phone icon. That could signify video calling, or it could simply be an icon that was just carried over after a direct port of an Android OS that they are using to run tests.

If the August release date is official, expect to hear more about this tablet, and soon.