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Samsung teases November 19 launch of new gaming-centric Exynos chip

While Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 series still appears to be a couple of months away from launch, it seems the South Korean tech giant is in a hurry to announce the highly anticipated processor that will power its upcoming high-end smartphone, believed to be named the Exynos 2200. The company’s official Exynos handle on Instagram has dropped some cryptic visual teasers that reveal a new Exynos chip will be unveiled on November 19. 

Now there have been reports that Samsung also has a few other midrange and budget processors in the pipeline, but the nature of the teasers gives us the feeling that this will likely be a flagship chipset reveal. One of the key reasons for that is the way Samsung has focused on gaming and entertainment in those teasers. 

“Gaming has come a long way,” the caption accompanying a few images on the post reads. “What we used to deem ‘immersive’ relied on a slew of external factors, like the surrounding environment. But the advancements of semiconductors have changed that — learn how when we move to our new home on Nov. 19. Stay tuned. #EverythingChanges

All the teasers focus on gaming and entertainment, and as we already know, the Exynos 2200 is all about gaming, thanks to Samsung’s collaboration with AMD that will bring RDNA2 graphics to mobile phones. RDNA2 is AMD’s latest graphics architecture, and GPUs based on the technology are used in AMD’s 6000 series graphics cards and the PlayStation 5. The GPU, which is coming to mobile for the first time, should offer ray tracing and variable rate shading for higher-fidelity graphics and improved power efficiency. 

For years, Samsung’s Exynos processors have received flak for shortcomings in gaming and performance compared to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. From what Samsung is teasing, it seems that the competition is about to heat up. Of course, the exact quality and level of improvements will only be evident after Samsung launches the Galaxy S22 series, which we believe to be sometime early next year.

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