Samsung’s #TextsFromMom ad perfectly captures what it’s like texting with moms

Samsung has been pretty good about infusing some comedy into its commercials, thanks in part to comedian Neil Brennan lending his voice. The company’s latest advertisement needs no voice because its theme speaks to us all.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (don’t forget to get your mom something nice, everyone), Samsung has put together a funny little tribute to the phenomenon of mom texts. Once you start the ad, you’ll immediately relate to exactly what’s shown on screen. Samsung shows flurries of texts that range from rambling missives and bizarre requests, to entirely blank spaces and incorrect slang words.

If your mom is tech-savvy enough to send off a text, you’ve definitely been on the receiving end of a fair number of these. Whether she’s typing in all caps for some reason, asking ridiculous questions that are completely unrelated, or completely misunderstanding what a “selfie” is, it’s the best bits of mom trying to communicate through a medium that just doesn’t play to her strong suits.

Samsung also has a contest running on Twitter, and the person with the funniest mom texts could win a Galaxy S6 Edge. Just use the hashtag #TextsFromMom to enter the fray. There are already quite a few gems on Twitter, which you can check out here.

Even if your mom plays into these memes, it’s why you love her. She’s doing her best and you can’t help but crack a smile when you get a misguided text. Besides, it sure beats having her call every time she thinks of some little thing. So, be thankful for the occasional typo-filled text or misused emoji, and most importantly, be thankful for your mom.