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Samsung to release Web-only musical sitcom filmed at its Seoul HQ. No, really.

As if Samsung wasn’t busy enough researching new tech, launching new hardware, and interfering with rival products, it’s now reported to be making musical sitcoms (oh dear, this could turn out really bad). That’s right – word has it that the company is gearing up for the launch of Best Future, a Web-only show portraying the life of a worker at the Korean firm.

Shot at Samsung’s headquarters in Suwon, near Seoul, the six 60-minute episodes feature a lead female character called Mirae, which apparently means “future” in Korean, and a male lead called Chaego, which, if you hadn’t already guessed, supposedly means “best.”

According to ZDNet Korea (via Business Insider), the musical sitcom – or “musicom,” as the tech juggernaut has decided to describe it – will depict a youthful and vibrant Samsung where people in their 20s and 30s would love to work.

If Best Future is starting to sound like little more than a recruitment vehicle for Samsung, you may be right – last year the company launched another show called Endless Energy, which revolved around the firm’s hiring policy and employee philosophy, both of which are presumably wonderful.

With no clips to go on and no clear storyline so far revealed, it’s impossible to know at this stage whether Best Future will be a) a professionally produced, compelling production worthy of an Emmy, or b) crap. Judging by the photos posted on Samsung’s Korean blog, it’s leaning toward the latter, though if it is way down the quality scale, hopefully it’ll fall into the so-bad-it’s-good category, providing one and all with a few hours of exquisite boredom-busting entertainment. Rather than just boredom.

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