Samsung Unveils 3D Game Phone With Joystick

The clamshell design SCH-V450 comes installed with three games including ZioGolf (golf game) and Metalion (shooting game) also features stereo speakers. Users can also download 3D games specially designed for the Samsung 3D game phone via Samsung Fun Club (SFC:

The function keypad extends out when the phone is closed making it easier to use than conventional folder-type phones. The V450 also offers users a joystick on the extension for a more real and convenient mobile gaming experience. In addition, users are able to extend the memory storage by inserting a memory card into an expansion slot on the side of the phone. The SCH-V450 comes standard with a 32MB Memory Stick Duo.

The V450 allows users to play MP3 files without opening it up as all command functions are on the extended keypad. While playing music, users are able to control several functions like pause, skip, revival and random choice, and alter the screen image that suits the mood and speed of the music.

With the V450, users are able to record up to 2 1/2-hours of images as well as send images by phone.

Check back with Designtechnica for more details when they are available.