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Samsung may turn to Windows Phone as Tizen stalls on mobile

Samsung Ativ S Neo Phone bottom back
There are rumors Samsung is plotting a return to Windows Phone, as a way to fill out its low and mid-range smartphone line-up during the coming year, while Tizen continues to be used as a television operating system. The news comes from a report in the Korea Times, which quotes anonymous officials supposedly directly involved with the project.

The sources say Samsung is still keen to reduce its dependance on Android, and although Tizen was developed with this express purpose in mind, it hasn’t attracted enough developer support. Windows Phone 8.1 is apparently seen as a possible alternative, and may end up installed on cheaper Samsung smartphones.

Tizen will be used primarily on televisions during 2015, but there are still rumors the first Tizen smartphone will launch over the coming months, following yet more delays in 2014. Samsung has made Windows Phone hardware before, most recently the Verizon Ativ SE.

However, Samsung and Microsoft are having a little spat about royalties at the moment, making the manufacture and release of such a phone unlikely until things are sorted out. In fact, Samsung could be hoping reports like the one in Korea Times will influence Microsoft. After all, very few manufacturers are producing Windows Phone devices, and Samsung would be a strong partner for Microsoft to once again have on its side.

Should the two put aside their differences (or reach an amicable solution), it’s estimated the resulting Samsung Windows Phone device won’t make it out before the end of the summer at the very earliest.

Recently, online advertising data also revealed LG is experimenting with Windows Phone, on a device named the LGVW820. It’s not know whether the mid-range phone will ever be put on sale.

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