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Samsung is testing its own version of AirDrop for its smartphones

Whatever you think of Apple’s iPhones, it’s undeniable that AirDrop is one of the best features of iOS. Surprisingly in the current age of smartphones, it’s a feature not mirrored by Android. That might not be the case for much longer, as a source close to XDA Developers has revealed “Quick Share” — an AirDrop-like feature created by Samsung that’s apparently set to debut on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 flagship range.

For the uninitiated, AirDrop is a way to quickly send a file between two iPhones using a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The feature is popular because it doesn’t use cellular data and is easy to use. According to XDA Developers, Samsung’s Quick Share looks set to copy that formula. After installing the test APK (Android Appliance Package), XDA’s writers were able to access Quick Share’s interface. They reported being able to see other nearby Galaxy devices. Unfortunately, they were unable to use the app’s share feature, as it apparently only works on specific test devices.

Credit: XDA Developers

It seems Quick Share is a relatively simple app, and options are mostly restricted to those with whom you share, with “Everyone” or “Contacts-only” being the two major settings. The latter allows you to only share with other Samsung Social users already in your contacts. Interestingly and uniquely, Quick Share also has access to cloud storage, and files can be temporarily stored in Samsung Cloud, streamed to Samsung SmartThings devices, or downloaded locally. There’s a file size limit of 1GB per file, and a daily limit of 2GB overall.

Though not confirmed, it’s highly likely Quick Share will be initially rolling out with the Samsung Galaxy S20 range. XDA Developers stated its source is using the app on a Galaxy S20 Plus 5G, which implies the feature will launch as one of the new range’s highlighted features. As such, it’s also likely to be included with One UI 2.1, and might be able to be used on any Samsung device upgraded to the new operating system.

Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer working on emulating AirDrop. Google is also rumored to be working on a service now called “Nearby Sharing,” which will perform much the same function and be rolled into Google Play Services. This means it may work with all Android phones — unlike Samsung’s Quick Share, which may only work with other Galaxy devices — and with ChromeOS.

Regardless, it looks like we don’t have long to wait to see it in action, as Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event is set for February 11, with the Galaxy S20 range expected to be the headline act.

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