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Rumor: Samsung’s flexible phone, codename Galaxy Round, reportedly coming soon

samsung galaxy note 3 rear camera angle macro

Another report has appeared in the Korean media regarding a Samsung smartphone with a flexible screen, this time indicating the announcement may come later this week, followed by a release in Korea next week. It was at the end of September we last heard about Samsung’s flexible phone plans, and at the time we were told to expect a device based on the Galaxy Note 3 only with a scratchproof screen. The new report also states the phone will be similar to the Note 3, although no exact specifications are mentioned, but there seems to be a question mark over the inclusion of a stylus.

What is talked about is one of the potential names, and either something has been lost in translation, or Samsung has a very unusual design planned for the phone, as it’s being called the Galaxy Round. No, we don’t think it’s likely to make it onto the final product, in the same way we doubt the actual phone will be round, but we’re still intrigued by Samsung’s use of the word.

We’re also not quite sure when the phone is expected to be announced, as the Google translation garbles the original text to the point where it resembles more of a math problem than anything else, but what we can gather is the phone will probably make its debut in six to ten days time. As has been mentioned in the past, initially the phone will go on sale in South Korea. Sadly, there’s no indication of when, or even if, it’ll come out internationally.

If Samsung can announce and release the Galaxy Round before mid-October, it stands a good chance of beating arch-rival LG to the flag. Reports that LG may be gearing up to announce its own flexy phone, named the LG Z or LG Flex, gathered last week, and the potential date was also likely to be before the end of October.

Who’s going to win the battle to be the first, and aside from bragging rights, does it really make any difference? We should find out very soon.

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